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Hi, I’m Coach Wild Bill (Bill McCormack Jr.), and I am a songwriter and performer of original music for children.  The music focuses on applied psychology, human growth and development, life lessons and skills, and characterCoach Wild Bill - Bill McCormack Jr. education for young children.  “The Audience is the Show” puts the focus on children participating through singing along, playing air band, dancing and discussing how the message of the song affects them and applies in their lives. 

The lyrics to my songs are educational.  I invite you to click on the menu items, “Song Lyrics” and “Psych Summary”, to read through my songs and the life lessons taught in each song. Click on each of the four song titles listed below the menu item “Sample Songs” to hear those songs.  Musically my songs are fun to sing, and the words have substance and meaning. My primary target audience is K through 5th grade. For preschoolers I use my simpler songs and keep the kids’ parts simple, repetitive and active.

I have written my songs to help kids learn about being a human being and how to be a happy human being.  I explore what we think, what we feel and what we do.  How do we deal with making mistakes, getting along with teammates, learning from others, doing homework that is intimidating, learning to respect others, expressing our feelings constructively, coping with emotional pain, learning to become responsible, learning to love ourselves and others, setting goals and making plans, accepting consequences of behavior, handling adversity?  How do we live everyday life and survive and thrive?  Each song delivers a small life lesson about applied psychology to help us deal with daily issues.  We learnCoach Wild Bill Logo about ourselves and how we can create our own happiness.

My goal is to help children learn how to create their own happiness.  Virtually all of our behavior is learned so we have to learn how to be a human being.  We can only control ourselves, and we have to learn healthy and constructive ways to deal with our own thoughts, feelings and actions and with other people and the events in our lives.  Hopefully, the life lessons in my songs reinforce the values that parents, religious leaders, teachers and coaches strive to instill in our children.  Through learning how to be a human being, we can learn to create our own happiness. 

Thanks for stopping by and reading,

Coach Wild Bill